Love to Eat is a major new Food Tourism Initiative. The project is being led by Josie Foiled and is supported by a passionate and dedicated team of members of the wider community.

Love to Eat supports Scotland’s overall aim of promoting Perthshire as a year-round, sustainable, quality tourism destination.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we have received grants totalling some £65,000 in support of the Love to Eat project from the Scottish Government. In addition, BEPTA itself is providing more than £10,000 in both cash and in-kind support.

Our project aims to promote excellent service, locally-sourced food, quality producers and produce, and eating establishments in Perth, Scotland.

Our sustainable approach to tourism will mean that we will cross all sectors of business and will also closely involve the community since, with this approach, we believe that the message will be stronger and the benefits so much greater. We are aiming high in all of these avenues to encourage more visitors to the area, where we ultimately aim to be the best!

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